Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Author: AddictingGames and BS Games

Description: You want a football game? We deliver! Build a team from scratch; buy better players as you start winning. Use Star Power to make your team play its best! v9.8

Instructions: WASD - move player LMB (situational) – pass, kick, run faster, hold down to use a burst of star power Number Keys 1-5 - select receiver

Author: AddictingGames & Odd 1

Description: Ready for some ball? Play 21, a single match or go for the tourney win! Drop bombs from long distance, or take it to the hoop!

Instructions: arrow keys to move; Offense: A-dodge, S-shoot, D-dunk, F-pass; Defense: A-steal, S-block

Author: Mousebreaker

Description: You say you have game: let's see it! Drop free throws through an obstacle course of bank shots. Nothing but net? Bring it!

Instructions: Mouse controls; click and drag for power and angle

Author: AddictingGames

Description: invented the biathlon: ski, shoot, and repeat! Speed, snow, firepower. Bring it!

Instructions: mouse

Author: AddictingGames and BS Games

Description: Ignore all those other hockey games: this here is the real deal. Play as a team - pass, shoot, steal, score! And it wouldn't be hockey without fist fights. Punch your way to victory!

Instructions: WASD Space - Boost Shift - switch players (defense) mouse aim/pass/shoot

Author: FreeWorldGroup.com

Description: Putting golf balls into holes in a lawn is BORING. We prefer to hit balls at people. Especially people dumb enough to stick their heads out of windows! Please don't do this IRL.

Instructions: mouse to aim and fire; arrow keys to scan

Author: Berzerk Studio

Description: Play ball with the geek and send him flying throughout BerzerkLand. Earn money to buy new gear and gain experience to upgrade your batter's strength. Rack up big scores and show the world what you got!

Instructions: See in-game instructions

Description: Buy a car, tweak your setup, and head for the track. Drag against other contenders; see how far you can go!

Instructions: see in-game instructions

Author: Psycho Goldfish

Description: Sweetest Online Mini Golf there is! Whether alone or versus up to Four Friends, Mini Putt 3 will quickly become your favorite online Mini Putt Game!

Instructions: Mouse move to Aim, Pull farther away from the ball for more power, Click to Putt Mini Putt 3, Free Online Sports Game, Free Golf Game

Author: Adam Atomic & Danny B

Description: Sooner or later, you're going to fall. But in the meantime, you do the jumping, and we'll take care of the running. Which sounds easy, but the running, um, gets way crazy fast, for reals!

Instructions: Jump! X, C and Spacebar work pretty good.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Author: glowmonkey

Description: Find out the reason why millions of ornaments are lost every year. Slide Santa's little helpers down their peppermint hill and delight in their ornamental destruction.

Instructions: LMB or SPACE - set sled power LMB - jump R - restart level

Author: Crooked Alley

Description: Zombies are coming, and soon. Are you ready to face the invasion? Answer multiple choice questions and perform a few tests, and see what your survival odds really are!

Instructions: mouse

Color Physics

Author:Owen Nash

Description: Every mouseclick unleashes a little blast - just enough to toss colored bits about. Send Red to Red, Blue to Blue, and get your name on the High Score Leaderboard!

Instructions: mouse controls

Cheat Death

Author: Garbuz Studio

Description: Stop wasting time! The longer it takes you to build a path to the bottle, the older this dude gets. How long can you last?

Instructions: mouses

Author: AddictingGames

Description: If you can master the east coast states, you're a genius. Tell your geography teacher to shove it.

Instructions: Drag states where they belong. With your mouse.

Save the Penguin

Author: Dmitry Rodionov

Description: Some nutjob in a chopper keeps tossing lumps of coal at our hero, Mr. Penguin. Not like! Please to arrange blocks of ice to protect said bird from aerial abuse.

Instructions: mouse controls

Messy Shapes

Author: Milan Basaric

Description: I wrote a haiku for you all: Messy Shapes is fun Blocks are falling from the sky You must click on three Feel free to write your own Messy Shapes haiku.

Instructions: Click on three or more same colored blocks.

You Might Get Nervous 2

Author: MoFunZone.com

Description: I wanted to write a description, but I was too busy playing this game.

Instructions: Follow in game instructions.

Author: 2DPlay.com

Description: Ready to wreck some more buildings? Place your explosives, adjust timers, and bring the house down! Clear the red area to beat the level; squash competitors for extra points!

Instructions: Mouse controls

Author: Khilik Alexander

Description: Colored blocks follow their arrows. Turn blocks to send them to their same-colored goal. Tricky, eh?

Instructions: mouse controls

Author: Bgames

Description: This Red thing, it annoys, no? Click obstacles to get red thing to striped platform. Is clear, yes? Then please to hurry.

Instructions: mouses

Author: FreeWorldGroup.com

Description: You can run, and you can turn your world. But now you can go to the BACK of the BOX! Amazing! Move forward and backwards, up, down, left and right to get to the portal.

Instructions: WAD or Arrows to move; Z/X to turn the box; Shift to move forwards and backwards

Author: Dmytro Bischak

Description: The penguin likes to eat fish, but he can't move. Drop ice blocks to scoot that fish to the bird's belly!

Instructions: mouse

Author: Bgames

Description: This Red thing, it annoys, no? Click obstacles to get red thing to striped platform. Is clear, yes? Then please to hurry.

Instructions: mouses

Author: Khilik Alexander

Description: Colored blocks follow their arrows. Turn blocks to send them to their same-colored goal. Tricky, eh?

Instructions: mouse controls

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Author: ArmorGames.com

Description: Everything in this game is cute, except the zombies and the blood and the slaughter. Cute! Collect crates and shoot everybody to stay alive as long as you can!

Instructions: WASD to move; Mouse to aim and fire; Spacebar for special weapons

Author: Garbuz Studio

Description: Heads and bodies belong together. Drop gates, tip blocks, and generally get your physics on to roll that head home!

Instructions: Mouse to do things

Author: AddictingGames & Gamezindia

Description: Oh now what?! Busted rides? Now you must to park cars with serious issues: no reverse gear, no brakes, no left turns...no problem, baby!

Instructions: WASD or arrow keys to drive

Author: Not Doppler

Description: Take your revenge on whalers of all flavors with your awesome RAMMING POWER! Eat fish, squid, and, of course, delicious sailors as you grow and become teh mighty whale!

Instructions: mouse to swim; mouse button to use your boost


Description:Stupid kids are wrecking the ice cream truck! Pelt them kids with globs of ice cream until they let go! Fortunately, upgrades abound, from more powerful ice cream cannons to a red hot cinnamon paint job for your truck!

Instructions:mouse to aim and fire

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Author:Dina Gjertsen

Description: Another trapped turkey? Oh noes! Assemble your escape kit from what you can find in the garage, and set that big bird free!

Instructions: mouses

Author:Oslo Albet

Description: Our favorite action duo return! Help FireBoy and WaterGirl work together to move through mazes. Avoid hazards, open portals, and remember: Cooperate!

Instructions: WAD to move WaterGirl; Arrows to move FireBoy

Description: Help rescue the captive ogres and restore peace to the kingdom of Far Far Away. For more fun, more laughs and even more Donkey, get Shrek’s Final Chapter and Donkey’s Christmas Shrektacular in the Holiday Double Pack on DVD & Blu-ray Tuesday, Dec. 7!

Instructions: see in-game instructions

Author: Emerald City Games

Description: An evil force has brought ruin to the world and has ended the age of miracles. Now the forces of the sacred seasons have banded together to reclaim thier lost city. Will you join them on this adventure?

Instructions: Game is free to play. Move your character with the mouse.

Author: MoFunZone.com

Description: You think walking is easy? Try designing a walker from scratch: bones, muscles and all! Let it evolve and check your results. Need a shortcut? Click "random creature," then "generate animation."

Instructions: Mouse; see in-game instructions

Author: Dragon Gamez

Description: Survival mode, Normal mode. Both bloody fun! Throw spears, cut off heads, and strike fear into your enemies!

Instructions: W = jump A/D = left/right S = block/pick up spear T= attack Y = kick

Author: Dina Gjertsen

Description: Trapped in the Halloween house again? It's even more haunted than last time. Escape or join the ghouls in the house!

Instructions: Mouse to explore and escape!

Author: Dina Gjertsen

Description: Trapped - in the Ladies Room? We are mortified beyond belief. Please to escape yourself before anyone finds out where you got stuck!

Instructions: mouse controls

Author: Red Herring Labs

Description: Marooned on a mysterious planet, you must save your captain and get the ship running again. What is this place? Will you get out alive?

Instructions: mouse to explore

Author: Evil Indie Games

Description: Happy Green Robot wants his princess back! Draw paths for Robot to collect hearts and rescue his true love!

Instructions: mouse controls. Draw paths and set your robot loose. Steer with arrow keys.

Author: BonteGames

Description: The bird is in a cage, and so are you. Get the irony? Here's a big fat clue for you: you need to make the bird happy before you can escape. Tweet!

Instructions: mouse

Author: ArcadeTown.com

Description: Defeat creep waves, WWII-style! Choose your army: German, Soviet or USA. Then battle across Africa, Asia and Europe to win the Great War!

Instructions: mouse controls

Author: Nation Location

Description: You can leap over buildings in a single bound, but scrape your back on the Golden Gate bridge and you'll be cut in half. Can you avoid the bums and get across the city alive?

Instructions: Left Arrow - big jump Right Arrow - small jump City Jumper, Free Online Adventure Game, Free Online Arcade Game!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


 Description:Do you have taste? Dress your models and see if your outfits pass the test. Try not to clash!

Instructions:Mouse to drag wardrobe items onto the model.


Description: New Outfits for Spring! Be the Trendsetter, Baby! Everything we wear is Off the Hook!

Instructions: Pick a Model on the "Models" tab Change clothes on the "Closet" tab "Head" tab for hair and makeup Click the "Share" button to send to friends! Hint: if you don't see new clothes, you may need to clear your browser cache.

Author: Tasty Play & AddictingGames

Description: The movie director is counting on you - can you play the part? Dress for each role, and impress the boss to level up!

Instructions:mouse controls

Author:Tasty Play & AddictingGames

Description: Some dudes are shallow. But cute! So it's OK to dress to impress, right? Sure. See if you can keep Prince Charming motivated by choosing the PERFECT outfit for each occasion!

Instructions:mouse to dress

Author: Game Pill & AddictingGames

Description: My body is a beautiful canvas, so I'm gonna cover it with art! Sharpen your needles and get to work - more clients and more wicked tats to ink!

Instructions: mouse to ink

Author:Lead Pipe Interactive & AddictingGames

Description:Beiber spends quality time on his hair and singing. Can you help him defend it from an onslaught of frisky fans?

Instructions:mouse button

Description: Play with plant genetics. Cross flowers, watch them mutate, and save your favorite DNA! Lazy Gardeners can click Evolv-o-matic and let the Flowers grow themselves!

Instructions: Mouse controls - see in-game instructions

Author: AddictingGames

Description: Hate farming? Play this game! Plow the soil, plant crops, raise chickens and cows, and collect those fat farmer profits!

Instructions: mouse controls

Author: Peter Polack (Element19)

Description: How? No how, just do! Avoid spikeys, xamine cloos, think hard, and keeping to go, plz!

Instructions: this game has no instructions.

Author: Keybol.org

Description: Achievements! Lots of achievements, lots of upgrades to buy. Shoot penguins, stick men, balloons and smiley boxes. And sweet giraffe hats! Is this game laughing with me, or at me?

Instructions: wasd/arrow keys to move; mouse to aim and fire; spacebar for store

Interactive Buddy

Author: Shock-Value

Description: The more you jiggle it, the happier it gets. Better than playing with yourself, I guess. How much money can you make from this loveable character's smile?

Instructions: Select options from MENUS. MOUSE to perform actions. Interactive Buddy, Free Flash Game, Funny Game

Free Rider 2

Author: OneMoreLevel.com

Description: Yup, another road-creating game. This one has pretty backgrounds, and you can control your vehicle while running the track!

Instructions:mouse over left/right sides for tools; arrow keys to control your vehicle; Enter key to restart

Author: AddictingGames

Description: Cigar butts for a penny and pizza for $400k. Can you pick your way to a satisfying, expensive meal, or be left with a dish to make you vomit?

Instructions: Choose your meal, and resist temptation! Meal or No Meal?, Free Flash Game, Funny Game

Description:You've got some major gas, and nowhere to let it out. You and wasabi just don't mix. Can you be discreet with your stinkers?

Instructions: Left arrow for little fart Spacebar for standard fart Left arrow + Spacebar for kim chee fart Hide the Fart, Free Online Funny Game, Free Online Flash Game!